New Trends in Coffee

A report on the Beverage Daily website described some of the discussion at Bosch's third Coffee Symposium held this week in Germany. In attendance were more than seventy international customers and coffee industry representatives and experts. The focus was on trends and consumer demands that are claimed to be shaping coffee processing and packaging.

Three major trends were mentioned in the article:

* Globally the demand is growing for single-serve portions such as capsules and pods.
* Consumer demand for higher quality coffee is growing. The discussion emphasized better sourcing of raw beans from the farms as well as quality grinding and packaging.
* Corporate social responsibility - for such things as supporting smallholder coffee producers and increasing sustainability - was an important topic category. Included in this were sustainable production and packaging and energy-efficient roasting.

It’s interesting that while there is a drive for more sustainable packaging, there is a growing demand for pods and capsules, items which require additional packaging. Surely the development of more efficient single-serve packaging should be a priority. The convenience and consistency offered by the pods, K-cups and capsules is clearly valued by coffee lovers and the trend in popularity should continue to grow. At ROASTe, we have one of the widest selections of all three single-serve types, so we should be able to keep up with the growing demand.

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