Need Fiber? Have Coffee with That Oatmeal

As you watch the enticing brown brew fill your coffee pot as it also fills the air with heavy aroma, the rich brown liquid looks deceptively clear. But hidden in that delicious cup is a surprising nutrient that even amazed scientists. Yes, yet another health benefit, that of soluble fiber, is provided by our humble daily coffee. Chuggin Mccoffee reported on the fiber in coffee this week, though the study which originally announced this discovery occurred four years ago. Still, it’s news to some of us, since it isn’t the kind of thing that makes all the coffee newsletters as does say, a controversial Starbucks marketing strategy masquerading as a “personal research project.” Regardless, there is necessary fiber in your coffee, but before you get too excited, be forewarned, you still need to eat your oatmeal, fruits and veggies. There is more fiber in instant (freeze-dried) coffee than in either drip or espresso. The filtered brew method brings out the least of the three. With the average coffee drinker downing 3.2 cups a day, and with the espresso (the average of the fiber totals) providing 1.5 grams per cup, the average coffee drinker increases daily fiber by about five grams. Women need 25 grams per day, men 38. So it would be necessary to drink at least 17 cups a day to get all your fiber from coffee, as the article pointed out. Of course, that’s unnecessary, as there are many delicious ways to obtain soluble fiber. Whole grains, nuts, fruits and veggies are other foods we need to eat daily for many reasons. A bowl of oatmeal, garnished with walnuts and raisins, accompanied by a cup of coffee starts the day off with loads of fiber. If you were thinking orange juice, coffee beats the fruit juice in the fiber count. On the other hand, there is no justification for counting that hazelnut latte as a serving of high fiber nuts. So get your daily fiber, and brew on……in good health.

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