My Kids Are Smart Enough to Buy Bialetti

/files/Espressione-Squissita-CE4651-18-BAR.jpg" hspace="5" height="429" border="5" align="left" width="349" vspace="5" />I did not get this for Christmas. Now, let me be clear -- I didn't expect to get this for Christmas. Even at $199, it's way outside my kids' price range, and that's who buys me Christmas presents these days. I have had my eye on it for a while, though, and my 18-year-old knows that I was looking at buying myself an espresso machine soon. So when he announced a couple of weeks ago that he and his brothers were pitchihng in to buy me something coffee-related that he knew I wanted because he'd seen me looking at it on ROASTe, I was seriously worried that I was going to unwrap one of those $50 steam espresso machines. And if they did that, well -- being a mom takes precedence over being a coffee lover. I'd have been doomed to drinking steamed espresso for at least a year before I could buy myself a real espresso machine without hurting their feelings.


I really should have had more faith in my kids.I just unwrapped my coffee Christmas present from my boys and found this beauty: a 6-cup Bialetti stovetop espresso maker." hspace="5" height="300" border="10" align="right" width="300" vspace="5" title="bialetti stovetop espresso maker" alt="bialetti stovetop espresso maker" />It's always been my favorite way to make coffee, but I lost my stovetop moka pot when I put it on to make coffee and forgot to add water. Oops. Once the rubber gasket fuses to the stainless steel there is no saving it. And as cheap as they are, I just somehow never could justify buying a new one for myself. Now I don't have to.

And the coffee is just as good as I remember. I've just finished my first cup from the new moka pot and am blissing out. And now... I don't have to pretend to be happy with sub-$100 electric steam espresso machine and my plans to buy the Espressione Squisitta Plus are on track!

Merry Christmas, all! Hope your Christmas coffee elves were as good to you as they were to me.

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