My husband is home and the coffee is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the person who did not start to drink coffee until I was 40+ years old (I am now 53).  I always enjoyed the smell of it but the taste just didn't do it for me.  I drank cold sodas and if I needed something hot went with hot tea or hot chocolate. 

One evening my husband and I were enjoying a fabulous dinner over the Christmas holiday at a restaurant in San Diego.

I love creme brulee and they had one that was fabulous.  My husband was raving over the coffee and just as I had been doing every few years I asked for a taste.  It was indeed good and it felt as if it were the perfect accompaniment to that wonderful creme brulee.  Every day for the remainder of the vacation I ordered coffee with my breakfast and my dessert at dinner.  My tastebuds had been transformed and I kept wondering with each sip how I had missed this marvelous taste all my life.

Fast forward a few years, my husband was raised in a household where his father made the coffee every morning in his percolator coffeepot.  Now that hubby was not the only drinker of coffee in the house, he bought a coffeemaker and we enjoyed coffee at home without having to run out to the local convenience store, donut shop, etc.  for our "fix." Then we grew up when he bought a pot that ground the whole beans and brewed them.Buying different beans and playing with mixes that we enjoyed became a wonderful exploration...6 tablespoons of hazelnut to 2 tablespoons of Sumatra.  Half mocha java and half breakfast blend.  The possibilities really were endless.  I would render an opinion and the next day it would be "mo' betta." 

Then came the next step in our development...exploration of the joys of coffee.  The  revelation of ROASTe with its huge variety of beans, reviews from fellow coffee lovers to help me make a decision and the ability to have automatic shipments. What you may be asking does this have to do with the title? My husband's work can take him out of town for 2-3 months at a time and I am not the coffeemaker.  I make do with the piecemeal of convenience stores, donut shops, etc. but joy and rapture his current deal is at home and has been for the last several months.  We have been enjoying a variety of coffees especially from the Latitude company and I always wake up to that magical smelll that permeates the house.  I sometimes ask for an adjustment of a tablespoon or two. I sometimes try something and it doesn't quite deliver but all in husband is home and the coffee is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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