My espresso machine addiction

I found myself very obsessive about coffee! No, I'm not talking about my particularities when it comes to preparing my coffee, like I have to weight out the exact mass of bean I'm going to use. My most worisome obsession is with coffee making machine, namely espresso machines. Currently, my three groups La Marzocco Linea is not completely finished being refurbished but it is operable at the moment. I have a two groups La San Marco that just begged being started on with the refurbishing. Another spring lever machine, the Riviera Eagle also need to be worked on. Yet, I still religiously search CL and ebay for more espresso machine!

I think I must have a real addiction to buying espresso machine. And perhaps this is a real problem because I'm running out of space in my small apartment to put my machines in. I think I need to to complete refurbishing some of these machines and start selling them off. The problem is, I want to keep them all. After working on these machine, each one has their uniqueness, strength and weakness but all of them make great espresso once you learn how to use them properly.

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