My Clever Coffee Dripper Brew Method

The Clever Coffee Dripper is an extremely simple brewing device that combines the clean cup of filter pour over with the full extraction found in immersion brewing methods like the French press. It is easier to master than the traditional pour over and much easier to clean than the French press so it is a win in both areas for the Clever Coffee Dripper  over these other brewing methods for me.

The only requirements besides the Clever Coffee Dripper are #4 cone filters, fresh ground coffee, and a kettle of hot water.  If you want to get precise then I recommend adding a gram scale and a timer to this list as well.  ROASTe offers a nice selection of grinders, fresh coffee (obviously!) , and electric or stove top kettles so with only a few clicks you can have every component needed to make some of the best coffee you ever tasted. This product list is similar to what I started with:

The first step is to weigh the water and the fresh coffee beans. I like to use a 20g coffee to 350g water ratio, which yields approximately 11 fl oz of coffee in my cup. I start by weighing out the water and adding it to my kettle to begin heating. Next I weigh and grind the beans. Not long after grinding the beans and adding the grounds into the cone filter inserted in the Clever Coffee Dripper my kettle has boiled the water.

I then place the Clever Coffee Dripper on my scale and use the tare feature so the scale reads zero. Next I pour in 175mL water (20 seconds off boil) into the cone, cover with the lid or a small plate, and start the timer. The CCD requires a total time of 3 minute 30 second steep so between the minute and a half and two
minute mark I add the remaining 175ml water (I keep it just off boil till I am
ready to pour). Adding the water in stages since introducing hot water aids in full extraction and the pouring  creates agitation which eliminates the need to stir at the mid point of the brewing cycle.

After 3 minutes 30 seconds place the Clever Coffee Dripper on top of a mug or cup and the cone will drain into the vessel producing an excellent cup.  These ratios and times are not written in stone but it gives you a good place to start. 

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