Mokapot: How-to Guide

Make hearty, full-bodied coffee on your stovetop.

We recommend simply filling the basket (to the top unless otherwise indicated; some have fill lines) and then adjusting to taste. Easy peasy!


Moka pot, gas stove or other heat source

Coffee nerd options:

Grinder, scale

Recipe basics:

Brew time: 5 minutes

Temperature: boiling

Grind setting: fine

Coffee amount: to the top of the brew basket

Water amount: nearly filled to the valve in the bottom chamber

1. Add water to the bottom chamber, making sure not to fill past the pressure relief valve.

How to Make a Moka Pot Coffee Step 1

2. Add coffee grounds at a fine drip setting to the filter basket. Resist the temptation to tamp!

How to Make a Moka Pot Coffee Step 2

3. Assemble the brewer. Not too tight!

How to Make a Moka Pot Coffee Step 3

4. Apply medium heat, aiming for a slow, steady flow of coffee into the upper chamber, finishing at 5-6 min.

How to Make a Moka Pot Coffee Step 4

5. Remove from heat as soon as you start to hear gurgling, serve immediately, and enjoy!

How to Make a Moka Pot Coffee Step 5

For further exploration:

  • Leave the top lid open while brewing for a free show! The coffee stream should start off a deep red/brown in color and progressively lighten toward golden honey.
  • If you’re sensitive to the taste of metal, we recommend opting for a stainless steel moka pot rather than one made of aluminum.

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