Living in Hamilton! - The Great ROASTe Coffee Caper


Time, they say, changes all things. Time changed the city of Hamilton!, Ohio, too. Over the years, many people have helped Hamilton! shine like a beacon in the night, largely due to perserverance and ROASTe quality coffee. This story is dedicated to all those souls.

Then there’s the aspiring next governor of the Buckeye state, yours truly, “Fuzzy” Falconi (if elected I’ll be the first one-eighth Italian, one-eighth French, one-eighth German, one-eighth English, one-eighth Irish, one-eighth Jewish (?) and one-quarter junk DNA male to do so, and promise to reduce the Ohio speed limit to 54 mph).

In a previous life, I was a management consultant to several large and small companies and U.S. Government organizations, including the nefarious NSA, DIA, CIA and FBI. Doing business with these later mentioned organizations is what inspired me to become a Private Investigator. And as I came to learn, I’d rather have ten Mafia’s after me than any one of these organizations.

This is a real and imaginary accounting of the people and events that have made Hamilton! what it is today. Any association made within this fictional historical storytelling to persons living or dead is done so on purpose. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent; they deserve what they get – Karma.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following persons/organization for their enormous contributions to this endeavor; Manuel Transmission and I. M. Golden for their expertise on subject matter; F. R. Vessents and Matter Horne for the fine wordsmithing; Mama Maria for her expert editing assistance (she also makes a fantastically delicious Wolfgang Puck-quality lasagna served with Douwe Egberts Dark Roast); and last, but certainly least, my agent and publisher/legal consultants, Silverstein & Goldstein.

NEXT TIME: Karen  

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