Latitude 23.5 joining ROASTe as our newest roaster!

A big round of applause please for Latitude 23.5 in Sarasota, FL.

It's the newest gourmet coffee roaster to join

I first tried owner Dimitry Erez's espresso at the Special Coffee Association of America trade show in Atlanta in April.  (Giving away free espresso shots is always a way to win over retailers like!)   Its aroma was rich and balanced and the taste was equally smooth.   Too often in other espressos I taste a lot of robusta beans in the espresso or too much bitterness and ashiness from low quality Brazilian or Indian beans.  But Dimitry's was much more nuanced and balanced.

A few conversations later and we're carrying his coffees.

/files/u1/latitude_logo.png" alt="Latitude 23.5" title="Latitude 23.5" align="right" border="0" height="85" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="398" />Latitude 23.5 has received "Best of" awards of all different kinds from Roast Magazine, Coffee Talk Magazine, Creative Loafing, and the Florida Restaurant Show, among others.

Latitude is just the kind of dedicated, passionate roaster that is building a national reputation.

We're glad to have them!

I had their Espresso Cafe Havana and it was delicious.  Try their roasts and post a review!

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