Korean Women Upgrade with Single Serve Brewers

It seems the single serve coffee systems known as capsule or POD brewers have made fans in Korea as in the rest of the world. This relative newcomer to the coffee scene is the hottest item right now. Why do Koreans, and especially female Koreans, prefer these machines in their quest for the best coffee? According to a recent report from a Korean consumer publication, women love the machines because of the ease of use and relative savings realized by daily cups of espresso from the pod brewer compared to a daily coffee shop run. When a cup of java can be brewed in less than a minute at a much lower cost, Korean women in their twenties and thirties see the value and are choosing this option. It’s the younger crowd that grew up with espresso from coffee shops who now insist on something more tasty and gourmet than the instant coffee most commonly consumed by Koreans. As one sales professional commented: “Men have a tendency to equate the price of two coffee capsules with, say, a pack of cigarettes and think they cost too much.” The article discussed the pros and cons of the single serve brewers, but not in any depth. They mentioned the names of the most popular models, and those currently available in Korea, but did not compare features of each at all. The writer made an error, however, when discussing the flexibility of the machines, stating that none of them work with capsules other than their own. While true for some systems, there are others that brew a variety of products. For example, Paramount Coffee sells pods that work with BUNN, Philips Senseo, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach machines. Bunn’s pod brewer is one that will work with a variety of pods and there are filters that allow any grounds to be used in some single serve brewers. Single serve brewers offer many advantages. Just make sure you research their flexibility before selecting a single serve coffee brewer.

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