Klatch Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve - in my Cup

Today a super fresh Klatch Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve is in my Cup.  The beans are starting to show promise with a bit of spiciness in the dry aroma and a hint of cherry in the wet aroma. at less than 24 hours old this one is not yet at it's peak but already there is white grape initially (and throughout) layering into graham cracker and brown sugar in the middle before leading into a very long semi sweet 

chocolate and white grape finish.  The body is medium light, delicate, and silky.  As it cools the cup pops more with the white grape and graham cracker - what an interesting yet delicious mix!

I only wanted to roast a sample of 85 grams so instead of using my Behmor I loaded the Popcorn Pumper fluid bed roaster last night.  The temps were a bit chillier than they were this summer so the roast would have taken longer anyway.  The popcorn popper draws air in from the bottom with a fan, sucks it by a heating element (glows at night too),  and exhausts it out the top where the popcorn or coffee beans sit so these become heated by the exhaust.  Think of it as a big hairdryer.

As I was getting my popper out of the garage I noticed a long outdoor extension cord. I haven't tried to extend the length of the roast by this method of adding resistance (the 30 foot extension cord) but I did read about it so along it went.  The net affect of the colder weather and the extension cord is that the beans took longer than usual to get into a rolling first crack. I was afraid of baking the beans since they rolled quietly past the usual 6 minute mark but I think they turned out OK. By nine or ten minutes in they were doing their thing and the roast was pulled at 12 minutes - an eternity for popcorn popper coffee roasting. 

These beans are available here on ROASTe too.  The difference is the pro's roast what you order so it  will be even better! 

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