Klatch El Salvador - Orange Bourbon

/files/imagecache/image_230/files/EL_SAL_ORG_BOU-2T[1].jpg" height="163" width="230" align="left" border="0" />After having an absolutely wonderful El Salvador by Insight Coffee Roasters a few weeks back as I was visiting my in-laws, I had to get something to try and recreate the coffee that I had prepared by Serrano Social Club in Modesto, CA. While I do regret that I had to grab my coffee and run, so I didn't have time to appreciate the coffee I had in my cup so I could've gotten a bag, I do appreciate it had turned me on to this origin.

What I got to try and recreate that cup was this Orange Bourdon variety coffee, from Klatch. (Their Gedo Worka just got another award!) I can say that the coffee while not as good as the one that I had was a coffee that I can really recommend to anyone out there that like likes a nice bright but not overpowering cup.

So far what I have noticed and in part have read, that a good portion of Latin American countries produce coffee that is really well rounded in my opinion and this coffee holds true to that thought.

I made this coffee in the three predominate brewing methods of my house, auto drip, Clever Dripper, and espresso. I found that the coffee while varying intensities gave off the same flavors in all three of these brewing methods. That is a bright citrus front with a slight carmel sweetness in the end, but really lacking a lot of mouthfeel/body. Basically there was no body to this coffee.

What I can say about the espresso is that while I know I did not hit right all of the time, the few shots that I was able to hit square on the head with this blend in terms of temp I got a really nice candy orange flavor that I have never gotten from anyother coffee. At first I thought this was probably just me being influenced by the name, but in the tasting notes of the coffee by Klatch orange citrus is right there!

So please if you want a nice bright but not overwhelming coffee I recommend giving this coffee from Klatch a strong look! And as always very quick turn around from Klatch getting the coffee in the mail, greatly appreciated!

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