Kickstart Espro Press (Gigante!)

This evening while trolling the worlds of the internet I found an interesting tid bit on Google plus, posted by Coffeegeek. It was a post about how the makers of the Espro Press want to make a large version of their innovative french press like device, but are doing it through Kickstart.

The orignal Espro Press is a french press in a vacum cannister to preserve heat and also has a mesh design that is supposedly significantly be better at removing coffee grounds, so you don't have sludge in your cup. I would advice anyone interested in the device to look Samuellaw178's blog here on Roaste descirbing his experience using the device Most people give this device very good reviews with one glaring failure, it really only makes enough for one cup of coffee, so it's not extactly friendly for the communal aspect of coffee, this eliminates that failure.

However, before they are going to go to production with their 30 oz version of the Espro Press they are kickstarting it on this website. The basic premise is they are raising money to make it finacially feasible for them to make the larger version. In other words they are are taking preorders for the large Espro Press to the point where it makes sense to manufacture it on a large scale.

It's a really good idea in my opinion that an established small business like this one to be able to fund a project without having to take that big risk first. It also allows those of us that may have wanted one of these to be able to help them out with funding making more awesome stuff for the coffee addict kind.

If you are at all interested I would check it out HERE

Just FYI: This is a trustworthy company that does make other gear for coffee needs, they even have an espro tamper here on Roaste! It allows you to know exactly when you hit 30lbs of pressure on your tamp of you espresso puck. Another pretty cool device. They also have frother pitchers that make it easier to get micro foam, here.

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