Keurig Chai Latte

Oh the things I do for you, my (potentially non-existent) readers.

Oklahoma was cold today, and I mean freezing cold. It was 37 degrees out! This is after being in the low 80’s all last week. Seeing as I was having trouble getting the chill out of my bones, I needed a little “pick me up” that would warm me from the inside, and chai sounded perfect. Instead of going out to a local café (which, besides being pretty farm away from my work, don’t really do a good job making them anyways) I decided to make it using a k-cup in the office Keurig machine. So I now have a hot chai latte sitting in front of me and I thought “maybe if I write a review they will at least be able to make an informed decision.” I’m not expecting much since this is another one of those odd drinks that they offer in the k-cup that really doesn’t belong there (hot lemonade anyone? Or how about gingerbread coffee?)

Ok, so I’m pretty far from an expert on how they are supposed to taste. But you know what? It’s actually pretty darned good! At least it’s warm, sweet, spicy, and I have a hard time thinking of too many negatives. If I had to think of one off hand it would be that the spices are pretty muted and the creaminess isn’t really there. The latter is to be expected, considering that the k-cups have to just kind of sit there at room temperature for quite some time before they are used and use dried milk anyway. But there is really no excuse for the former; why not just use a higher concentration of the spice mix?

As I continue to drink the chai what’s becoming more and more pervasive is the overwhelming taste of fake cinnamon. It’s a strong, chemical flavor that’s making this decidedly unpleasant.

Well, it’s official: this chai just gave me heartburn. What the hell? I mean, I wasn’t expecting much but I wasn’t expecting to need a tums after drinking this thing. Ugh, I’m only half way done. No, I am done, I’m not finishing this. Conclusion: unacceptable.

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