Keeping the ritual

As I have mentioned in another blog entry, my wife is pregnant and so she tries to curb her caffine intake a bit and one of the things that she misses the most about not having coffee every day is the ritual of drinking coffee in the morning. One of the most potent aspects of the ritual is the taste of the coffee itself. And this past weekend I found myself with a wonderful bright coffee from Klatch, but I needed to have that familar taste and so it led me to my local roaster Catahoula.

There are a lot of different roasters out there and because Catahoula is a slight detour from my work commute I don't get over there all that often, but this past time going over there it was really refreshing. Just the aspect of getting a free cup of drip with the pound of coffee I bought was nice. It got me ready for the familar taste of the blend that I have gotten many times before.

Catahoula is the type of roaster that mainly focuses on chocolate/carmel roasts, probably what most people think about when they reach for a cup of coffee. They really excel at doing this roast, and it shows most of their single origins are not that great from my experience. However, their Lola blend is really where it shines for me.

This blend is a medium dark roast that really focuses in on light milk chocolate carmel notes. When I first moved into the area this was the first roaster I tried and therefore based on this blend went back time after time.

As far as how it does, I normally take it as a drip, it does do well as espresso tho because it has enough punch to make it through small milk drinks or that touch of half/half in your cup of drip. It's one of those things that really makes you look forward to waking up in the morning. No challanging your taste buds just smooth and sweet.


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