Jim's Organic Coffee - a good tasting local coffee

For my first breakout from Starbucks, I decided to try a coffee that is roasted near my home in Boston MA.

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And I have to say, I was taken in by the bio on Jim's Organic Coffee website about how Jim used to work on Wall Street until he decided to pursue a passion for coffee. I was also persuaded by his use of organic coffee because I hear that coffee is one of the most pesticide sprayed crops. After tomatoes and strawberries, it's the most sprayed crop. And that makes sense because it sells for more per pound (about $7) than almost any other crop. It's worth using pesticides on coffee!

And it's also worth trying Jim's Organic Coffee. Mine had toasted praline flavor which kind of masked the coffee beans. But it tasted light without the bitterness I've experienced in other brands. It didn't require a ton of cream and sugar -- my usual way of drinking coffee -- because it was naturally good. Maybe a coffee expert would call this a "well balanced" coffee, but I just know that it tasted great.

More Jim's Organic Coffee, please!



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