Italian Espresso vs. American Espresso

Why does espresso taste different in Italy than in the US? 

Is it the scenic countryside, the renaissance artwork, the legacy of the Medicis.. um, no. 

It's because Italians prefer a totally different taste in their espresso than do Americans.  And it shows up in the coffee, according to top roasters and travelers.

You see, Italians have always preferred a smoky almost burnt taste to their espresso. Americans on the other hand love smoothness, mildness, and a balanced espresso drink, preferably where they can add some milk and sugar, not too much, thank you. 

Therefore Italian espressos served in Italy use robusta beans for up to 20% of the coffee. Americans use all Arabica beans that are more expensive and milder.

This difference in tastes has given me some interesting interactions with Italian roasters.

Typically at a trade show an Italian roaster will insist that his Italian espresso is fabulous, with the authentic taste of Italy that you can't get anywhere else.  I agree with him / her that you can't get the taste like that anywhere in the US.

Sample some of our espressos.  You'll see how delicate the flavors are.


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