Intended to froth milk (coffeeblog #12)

So one can use a french press as a milk frother!  Damn.  Had I known...So I gave it an attempt and lo and behold, actually I didn't try too hard.  I didn't have any milk.  So but I found a little half & half but the thing was that whilst my beloved brew was seeping, and I was warming up the half & half...I just said, nah.  Cuz frothed milk is more for like espresso anyway.  Well, anyway, I am enjoying my new french press, this sexy little 12 ouncer.  I made one this morning, and the thing is that only making a 12 ouncer means I'm drinking less...per session.  This actually allows me to drink more periodically thru the day.  Instead of making a big pot of drip brew or even a large french press,  I just do a little at a time and it is fresh fresh baby!

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