In search of the perfect couple

I usually make coffee twice a day. I have coffee with breakfast and then after dinner. On weekends I might have one after lunch too if I'm at home. This usually gets me through a bag of coffee in a little over a week. I'll have these drinks as either an espresso or a non-espresso depending on my mood and how much time I have available. The problem is, I usually only have one type of bean at any given time so more times than not I'll only have espresso or only non-espresso over a given week. If I get two different types of coffee, one for espresso and one for everything else, one of the two always gets ignored for a week or so after the initial burst of interest and then inevitably gets tossed as I move on to the next coffee. This is usually because the espresso tastes fantastic or the drip is amazing.


In my attempt to be less wasteful, but also to be more flexible with my coffee preparations, I'm embarking on a journey to find coffees that make great drip and espresso. I've tried dozens of coffees over the last few years with only two so far that fit this billing. One was Counter Culture's Idido Single Origin espresso, which sold out very quickly, and Doma Coffee's Carmela's blend. Carmela's is still available but to me has changed a bit since I first had it over a year ago and I don't find it as good as a dual purpose coffee anymore.


This week I'm drinking Klatch Coffee's FTO Guatemala Cafe Femenino and have really enjoyed it as a non-espresso. I think this coffee really shines in the Eva Solo but also tastes great as a V60 iced coffee. Today I pulled a few shots on my lever and it tasted ok. Pulled as a short shot, 13.7g in with ~22g out, it started with strong bakers chocolate and finished with a slight fruity taste with no heavy lingering aftertaste. I think with some variations in the brew parameters I could get some good shots out of this coffee. But, probably couldn't see myself calling this a go to espresso. I would definitely continue to get this for immersion brewing though.


So do you guys have any go to blends or single origins that work great both ways?

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