I like my friends!

I like my friends!

I blogged a while back about friends who brought me home roasted coffee, micro roasted coffee, lent me a Mypressi twist, and let me play with a Cremina.  Etc.

Today a friend dropped by and brought me a Hario V60 glass dripper as well as some Ethiopian SO that he roasted to drink.  My only grudge with it is he made a cup of coffee using it and the beans and my wife loved it.  Now he has raised the bar that I need to live up to with my coffee.  

I tasted the coffee and it was quite good.  I will be very curious to play with the Hario as it is one of those pour over devices that I most wanted to use and own.  This is based off of the buzz on it here and on other message boards.  It seems to be the hot brewer of the day perhaps even surpassing the clever dripper for trendiness and that is saying something.

I will give it one thing right off the bat – it is a thing of beauty.  It is more elegant than any other brewer (not counting espresso machines, of course) that I know of.

The cup was very clean and delicious, but I cannot compare it to other brew methods since that specific coffee on any other brewer.  

Hmm, I think there is a taste off in the works.

Since pictures have been in high demand in the past I will try to post a picture of the dripper, especially since it is elegant enough to deserve a glance.  My Timolino,  Clever like dripper is great at making coffee, but it will not win a prize for looks – not that it is ugly, but it is not.

In the mean time you can certainly see the ceramic Hario (and buy it) here


The take home message for me is that I need to start being a better friend so I can be worthy of all the generous friends I have been lucky enough to collect in the coffee world!

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