I fell for "gourmet" coffee from Starbucks!

Ever since I started making and drink coffee at home, I rarely drink coffee anywhere else, esprecially places such as Starbucks. Once in a while, when I go to Inteligentsia or Metropolis to get some of their freshly roasted bean, I would get a cup of their brewed coffee or espresso. However, I'm a sucker for free thing and today morning when went to dry clean my wife's dresses, I noticed that the dry clean has free "gourmet coffee" available. It was advertised that they have Starbuck coffee brewing in the huge Bunn coffee drip brewer. 

Since I rushed out of the house in the morning without having any coffee,  I was desperate and I thought that this is Starbuck so it would not be so bad; afterall, when I first started drinking coffee, I did enjoy Starbuck espresso roast. So I walked over and dispense myself a half paper cup of coffee, and elected to drink it black without any sugar or cream. It was quiet hot so I was not able to take a sip but the aroma was not that bad at all, very distict dark roast aroma. When I'm out in my car, I took a sip of the coffee and realize that I just make a mortal mistake. What I was drinking was not coffee but brewed grounded up charcoal. It was so nasty that I had to spit out what I had in my mouth and toss the cup away.

My belief is that a combination of stale over roasted Starbuck coffee with dirty brewing equiptment make this coffee so filthy, and the sad truth is such filth is very common. Perhaps we should have a law that prevent the indescriminate use of the word "gourmet"  to entice people?

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