How many coffee making devices do you own?


Time for another poll.  I try not to collect things in life that I do not use partially because that is in my nature and partially because it is even more in my wife’s nature and so it leads to marital harmony.  I however realized that there is an aspect in which I have enough things collected that I have to pause to figure out how many I have.   It is, of course, coffee related.  

The question is how many coffee making devices I have – not counting grinders – just machines etc.  Silly as it may be I do have two espresso machines, and two clever drippers – one for work and one for home.  I have a French press (I had two as I had one and my wife had one, but when we got married we gave the second one to a worthy coffee drinking friend who did not have one).  I have an old melita cone for drip that was my work coffee maker before I got the clever and finally I have a Hario that a friend just gave me.  That is a lot of coffee making devices.  Seven is a big enough number that I had to count it and could not picture it without counting.  I would gladly purge the Melita that I will never use again now that I have a Hario and a Clever, but I do like having two clevers since it allows for head to head testing of things like water temperature, steep time, etc.  So I guess my magic number that I would like to settle in at is 6, but then again I would not turn down a second Hario, a Mypressi Twist, an Aeropress… if one came stumbling across my path so who knows.   

I think at the end of this poll I will feel better as there are multiple bloggers who are going to own quite a few more devices than I do.  So the question remains – how many devices do you own?

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