Hello Hario, Pourover Method Returns

We’re excited to soon be offering the essential tools for a complete pourover brewing experience from Hario.  Why pourover?  Arguably the low-tech side of coffee brewing, and also the most interesting with the right coffee! The ubiquitous Melitta cone and lovely Chemex have been around for decades and offer very pleasant coffee-making.  Hario has taken the traditional cone design and engineered interesting twists, literally… in the case of the V60, from the arcing ridges to the “star-tip” opening…to improve the extraction.  The 02 paper filters are  extraordinarily “clean”, meaning that they impart almost zero taste, allowing you to really taste nothing but the nuances of the coffee.  The Buono kettle is designed to control the water pour precisely, and is aesthetically lovely.

If you enter your local coffee bar and see a pourover station ask your barista why he or she chooses certain equipment.  We have been seeing more and more Harios entering the mainstream, and taste is the reason! 

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