Heart of Darkness: Review of Nostromo

Hello folks!

I just wanted to point people's attention to this great ROASTe review of Deep Cello Nostromo by Barking Burrito! 

We really appreciate it when someone understands exactly what Deep Cello is about and is doing. We spent six months convincing Justin Kagan to consider making a dark roast. His own perspective as a roaster is that most dark roasts are just plain bad coffee, roasted poorly, or good coffee roasted poorly. At the same time, there were dark roast junkies who even think that Nostromo is too light. We dare go no darker!

Needless to stay, we strove to be right on the edge of darkness. The technical term is a "mahogany" roast level. There appears to be a market confusion about dark roasts and quality. The idea has been planted that the dark Italian, French, and Vienna roasts define quality and gourmet status.  We think that super darks are over-roasted. We also think there might be addictive components created by the dark roasting. We suspect that the real reason is that dark roasts tend to have a longer shelf life than the lighter roasts.  It is also possibile that since the beans are killed in the super dark roasting process, that cheaper green coffees can be mixed in and covered over...

We commend the writer for his acumen and for helping his boss to come back to the light side of the force!


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