He wishes he was this Clever

Now after I had made that last post about my not so clever dripper I figured that I needed to pick one of these up as I have wanted one for the longest time and people keep raving about them. They rave about them for good reason, with the limited experience that I have had with it, it's super easy and great tasting. 

If you don't know already how the Clever Dripper works it's basically a cone filter that allows for the coffee to brew like a press and then when you are done you put it on top of a mug or thermos or whatever and let the coffee drain out. The draining allows for you to have a very clean cup.

The dripper really delievers on all these points and I was making great coffee right out of the box as it is just as simple as a press. 


1. It uses standard number four filters, makes for cheap replacements when you need them.

2. The full immersion gives a better mouth feel than a traditional pour over.

3. The fines are gone from a press.


1.Limited to draining into containers that are smaller than the dripper base, i.e. no go into thermal coffee pot. =(

2. Mouth feel is not nearly as good as a press.

3. Flavors are not as clear as a pour over.

I would really recommend for everyone to pick this up as it produces a cup that is a nice balance between pour over and press, very simple to brew. If you have made french press coffee you can make coffee with this no complicated pour over technique required. However, if you like the real thick mouth feel of a press or the ultra clarity of s pour over, you are not going to get that here. It really is a combination of the two.

On a side not I think the combination of both a Clever Dripper and Einstein on my mug it must make for an ultra good pick me up in the morning!

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