Having fun with an Elektra T1

Having fun with an Elektra T1.  

I just got a new machine thanks to Roaste.com just in time for Christmas.  This is especially convenient since my family was coming to visit, so there was lots of coffee to make.  

I am still getting the hang of the machine, but it is fairly similar to the Elektra Semiautomatica that I am replacing it with.  As you might expect based on the scale of the machine in terms of size and parts that it is a bit like the Semi amped up to the extreme.  So far the coffee seems fairly similar in quality, but the steaming power is incredible.  The Semi is already a good steamer, but it is not super powered and having trained on commercial machines I tend to find more power has always been better than less for me.

It is great fun to have a plumbed in machine at home.  I also need it to be plumbed in with this machine because it uses a lot of water.  I go through about a gallon a day.  My Pavoni, on the other hand goes through closer to a cup a day on a busy day.  

The coffee is very good so far, but it took a few days  to get the plumbing right, the pump right, and all the other configuring, so I do not have conclusive opinions about the coffee that would be worth posting yet.  (Although if I were to compare it to a machine like my Pavoni, I know I like it much better, but comparing it to other heat exchangers and double boilers takes more study, but I’m not currently expecting to be disappointed in those comparisons).  

So far it has been great fun, but I am looking forward to getting better at this machine.  

I also have had the issue of too fresh coffee over the first few days of owning the machine, but the coffees I have should be hitting their stride right now, so life should be good over the next few days.

I hope to have more detailed accounts of the coffee soon.

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