Happy National Coffee Day!

Monday, May 16, is National Coffee Day in the US. On this day we celebrate coffee, and what's a better day of the week to celebrate our morning wakeup brew than a Monday!

We have much to celebrate in coffee. This year we’ve seen many new research studies come out concerning benefits of coffee on health. Coffee seems to help prevent diabetes, breast cancer, liver cirrhosis and liver cancers, gout, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, gallstones, kidney stones, heart rhythm problems, stroke… the list keeps growing.

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Containing more antioxidants than blueberries, coffee includes minerals such as magnesium and chromium. There are the good guys in fighting against diabetes, as they help control insulin and thus control blood sugar. Antioxidants also take on the free radical bullies that cause havoc with our bodies and help promote many degenerative diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. 

These benefits seem to be delivered by coffee whether caffeinated or not, so the caffeine does not get the glory. Also it’s good to keep in mind that much of the health links are links only; so far we don’t know if coffee actually causes the good benefits, or something else linked with the coffee consumption causes the benefits. Giving coffee the benefit of the doubt, we can feel good about enjoying three to four cups of coffee daily, realizing that we are doing a good thing for our bodies. There are exceptions, as the breast cancer studies showed that five cups a day brought more protection.

Besides health benefits, coffee adds to a sense of emotional well-being. It also helps memory, more than just by putting off dementia. Drinking it before working out can lessen muscle soreness following the exercise.

How do we celebrate National Coffee Day? Let me count the ways – I have ten:

1.    Go to a new coffee stand/shop you haven’t yet visited.
2.    Try a coffee beverage you’ve never before tasted or one you haven’t had in a long time. Ever had a Breveˊ?
3.    Buy a new coffee accessory just because it’s attractive, charming or you just like it.
4.    Buy a new coffee maker or brewer, especially if your old one has seen better days.
5.    Try making a coffee recipe never before attempted, such as a coffee cake, glaze for meats, spaghetti sauce etc. ROASTe has a few for starters. Or swap favorite coffee recipes with friends.
6.    Buy a coffee from a region that you’ve never before experienced, such as Vietnam, Ecuador, Cuba, Sulawesi…. Don’t know where Sulawesi is? ROASTe has coffee grouped by regions - you can search for it and find out. (or just click on one of their coffees below.)
7.    Treat a friend to coffee for the fun of it, or “Pay it forward” at your coffee shop and treat a stranger.
8.    Try a coffee flavored ice cream. Better yet, add it to your coffee.
9.    Try coffee flavored candies.
10.  Try a new coffee flavor you’ve never tasted before, like Chocolate Coconut Crème, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cappuccino…..

Whatever you do, have yourself a great coffee Monday!

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