Gulping down the good stuff.

One of the New Year's resolutions that was raised by another coffee fiend was to try and sip their coffee in the morning as oppose to mindless drink the brew down as they get ready for their day.

So I found myself this morning in one of those early Friday mornings when all you want to do is get to work and get the day over with so you can have the weekend to yourself and family. In the process I made a quick cup of coffee for myself using a Clever Dripper, didn't even stir it, poured the coffee in, poured the water waited 4 minutes and then drained into my thermos. And as I got into my car I took that first sip.

I noted that it was pretty good bright start a good sweet finish, and turned on the car and off to work I was.

However, once at work I began drinking the coffee more and took a little moment to really sit and taste the coffee. I did this because I thought it was stupid not to do so. I am drinking the Guatemalan from Brown Coffee Company, and it is a great coffee, one of those coffees that really demands to be sipped.

The problem that I see with coffee is that it is for the most part a morning beverage when you are rushing out the door and not really that after work beverage like a wine is where you want to slow down and take your time. This is a shame because coffees like the one that i am using right now deserve to be sipped and tasted, to be frank most coffees on this site deserve to be too.

I think I might have to try getting a hand grinder and something like an aero press, because making coffee at work during a break might be the slow down that I need to really appreciate the coffee.

How do you combat the problem of gulping your coffee?

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