Growing Coffee at Home

This past weekend I had the great experience of meeting with some like minded coffee enthusiasts from my area. It was nice to talk to other people that are probably as crazy about coffee as I am if not more so, and have a little more disposable income than I do (i.e. it was nice to see some machines that I have only seen on the net, looking at you Bunn Trifecta Home). However, one of the take aways from the visit was four little coffee beans that are ready to be put in a pot of soil to grow.

The person that was gracious enough to give these beans away, also printed out a few copies of the instructions that go along with them from the website that he bought them from, Now growing coffee this far from the equator makes them suitable for being an indoor plant or at least one that goes back and forth. As I think the climate here in California is going to be suitable for that. But to start they are going to go into this little pot to germinate and sprout some leaves god willing.

The instructions of course make the whole process rather simple and I quote:

1. Soak seeds overnight before planting one inch deep in 4-6" pot filled with potting soil.

2. Pot should be in warm location, but not direct sun.

3. Coffee can take 1 to 4 months to germinate so be patient. Keep soil lightly moist with daily mistings.

4. Once leaves appear you may fertilize lightly.

5. When seedlings reach four inches tall, you may transplant to a larger container or move to a permanent location outside.

Sounds simple enough no? Anyway I will keep you guys updated when these little seeds sprout. Until then if anyone wants to try their own hand at growing some coffee you can get some seeds here,  or if you want to cheat a little you can some seedlings, here.


And since that is a home coffee roasting website if you look at their home page they will send you a small sample to roast for free.

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