Grab Your Coffee and Hit Play

I don't know if the new Scanomat Top Brewer makes good coffee -- and I'm not likely to find out anytime soon, but I can tell you that it makes great video. The music and images in this publicity release are almost as good as a meditation video -- grab your coffee, click play and settle down to enjoy for three minutes or so.

Nice, right? Did you notice the surroundings? The beautifully artistic shots filling the glass -- and how about that glass?" hspace="10" height="370" border="10" width="365" vspace="10" title="etched glass with latte" alt="etched glass with latte" />

Now, based on everything else in that gorgeous display room, those glasses probably cost as much as my entire kitchen, but dayum, ain't they pretty? And don't they do a stunning job of showing off the coffee as it fills the cup? Did you notice how the dancing figures appear as the espresso slowly blends with the steamed milk? I know the video is supposed to make me want the Top Brewer, but really, once those glasses caught my eye, it's all I could think about.

Ahem. All right, back on track. The video does give a closer look at what the Top Brewer is capable of doing. You can read the details at Mashable where Designer Tech writer Lauren Drellwrites up an interview with Scanomat's Sebatian Vibe-Petersen. According to Drell, the first production Top Brewers will be rolling off the line in January, and the company is planning smaller office and home versions in the near future. 

Me, I'm toying with the idea of writing the company and asking where they got those glasses. I don't think it's the effect they intended the video to have.


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