Gourmet coffee, an affordable luxury (milk based)

Ok, so I’ve already written a couple of these blog posts talking about how buying coffee online can save you money over the long run. But if you’re like me and have a bit of a sweet tooth you may be predisposed to milk based coffees like cappochinos and mochas. When you make these drinks at home, how much do you actually save?

This math assumes you’re using a method similar to the one talked about here, if not your costs will vary a little, but probably not too much.

First off, let’s deal with the items I talked about in the previous two posts.

Coffee concentrate (200g/7oz.) ($12.00 12oz bag; 17g per serving): $0.60

Shipping: $0.10 (Roaste PRIME Members) - $0.25 ($4.95 VIP Shipping)

Now, this is where things get nebulus because a lot varies based on which drink you make, how much you make and the quality of the ingredients.

For example, let’s say I make a 16oz white chocolate mocha (convenient because that’s what I’m making in the blog post listed above).

My cost: 0.60 (coffee) + 0.10 (shipping) + 0.60 (chocolate powder) + 0.30 (milk) = $1.60

Total cost for a 16oz. white chocolate mocha at  my local coffee shop: $4.00

Savings: $2.40

Here’s another example, 16oz Latte:

My cost: 0.60 (coffee)  + 0.30 (milk) + 0.10 (shipping) = $1.00

Total cost for a 16oz. latte at local coffee shop: $3.10

Savings $2.10

In general, by choosing to make your milk based drinks at home you save about 60% of your money and you get the enjoyment of tinkering around with your methods and recipies.

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