Good blending karma

Good blending karma.  I seem to have stumbled onto another nice blend of blends.  Every morning I make my wife a cup of drip coffee.  She knows a ton about coffee, but does like her average bean darker than I do mine.  In particular as I blogged earlier last week, she only tends to like dark roasts and I like light roasts at least as much as I like dark roasts and probably a little more although I like a dark roast from time to time, too.

She, however, as I said really knows her coffee.  I like to test her by giving her single origin coffees and make her guess the origin.  She does not always get it right, but I cannot recall at time that she tasted a coffee from Africa and did not guess it.  One of her favorite origins is Ethiopia and I sometimes wonder if she can detect it from across the room.  

I feel confident that I could not pick out the origins nearly as well (although Ethiopia is so distinctive that I think that is one I would be very unlikely to miss, too).

Anyway, when I served her the Caffe Pronto, she liked it a lot, but wanted it in a darker roast since that is the direction her taste runs.  She surprised me by suggesting mixing that bag with a darker roast since usually she rejects out of hand anything that is close to that lightly roasted.  The other high end coffee I had in stock was Velton’s Bonsai Blend and Karrde commented here

That it is great brewed, so I decided to add it in.  I had already had great success blending it with some Klatch that was left in my grinder the other day.  

Well, the vote is in and it was a great success.  I made her the cup and she headed off to work.  I did not get to taste it and did not tell her what I had done.  She called me later in the morning to ask what kind of coffee she had been given because it was so good.  Sounds like a repeat performance is in order (and this time I am going to taste it).

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