Give this to the one you love for good coffee!

I figured the economy is still tight, and we still want to give the people we love Christmas gifts. So what better way then to give them some coffee gear that won't break the bank, but they can really enjoy. This list is just as much list of what I think people would like and stuff that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on as well." height="175" width="250" align="absBottom" border="0" />

Bonavita Electric Kettle - A pouring kettle is a must for most type of pour over coffee, it allows you to control the rate of flow so you get an even extraction of coffee, but you also need it to HOT. This version of the pouring kettle gives you the control you desire and the ease of being able to heat up the water very easily. You can buy for $50.00 at Counter Culture Coffee or Prima Coffee. (Be sure to get some coffee from Counter Culture if you get it there!

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Kalita Wave - So you just bought that person the said kettle above, but you don't know if they have a pour over. The Kalita Wave is one of the newest on the US market and what sets it apart is the flat bottom and the wave filters that create an air barrier to insulate during the brewing. It can be had in various sizes and materials at Prima Coffee and Wrecking Ball from 30 to 40. Don't forget the filters!" height="500" width="295" align="absBottom" border="0" />

Capresso Infinity - If you just bought the above for that special person, but they do not have a grinder to go with it you have to pick this one up. It does a great job grinding, yet comes at a reasonable price! Check it out at Amazon

The set up I described above will only set you back near 175 dollars, which is a bit, but will provide you with great coffee and person you are giving it to will thank you a lot! For more general recommendation I suggest heading over to and check out their Christmas gift guides that will help you find anything for anyone that has a coffee addiction.

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