Fool me once...

My parents came to visit recently.  My mother is a camera buff and she brought her camera as always.  I went out to help unload the car.  I confess that this was not a quick process.  They had quite a lot of stuff in the car.  After I had unloaded it the last thing left was her camera.  There was a lens lying on the floor of the car which shocked me because she is very careful with her equipment.

I picked it up to bring it in with the rest of the camera equipment and I thought it was surprisingly light.  I figured good lenses probably need some really solid glass in them, so it was probably not a very good lense, but perhaps I just didn’t understand something about photography that the rest of the world knew.  I was half way to the house when I realized I had been fooled for the second time.  (See my previous post on “a Surprise in the cup” linked below. The lens was really a to go mug for coffee.  To see the mug click the link below.

Here is the mug from a vendor, but not the one where she got it.  Hers was bought locally where she lives as a gift.  I thought someone might like to give one as a Christmas gift.

I think it is really clever and cute and a competent to go mug, but not a spectacularly good one.  On the other hand it is not for me.  I am the paranoid type.  I am always wondering why someone will break into my car and assuming that if there is something of value in sight they probably will do so.  This lens makes me imagine a burglar breaking the window grabbing the lens and realizing he has been duped and taking it out on my car.  

I think they are onto something, but it should be the reverse – camera lenses disguised to look like coffee mugs!  My only question is what the camera could be disguised to look like – perhaps one of those to go trays from fast food restaurants when you order a few drinks.

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