Five Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Break Day

    January 20, 2014 is National Coffee Break Day. While it happens to fall on Martin Luther King Day this year, we know that a lot of you are in the office anyway -- and if you're not, you can celebrate tomorrow, right? Not sure how to celebrate? Here are five great ways to make the most of your coffee break today.  
  1. Learn more about the origin and history of the coffee break at
  2. Support a local coffee bar or coffee shop. Independent coffee shops are making a huge comeback -- and for a good reason. Every cup of coffee you buy at a locally owned shop puts money back into your community -- and is far more likely to provide more benefits to everyone involved in producing the end product. Need help finding a good independent coffee shop? Check out the MapMuse Indie Coffee Shop Locator - also available as an app for iPhone or Android.
  3. Introduce your office mates to great coffee. Bring in your favorite coffee and brewer and share.
  4. Try something new. It's a great day to try coffee in a way you don't usually drink it. Never had an espresso? Do it! Dying to try a hand-poured coffee? Today's the day. And hey, why not pull out all the stops and enjoy an espresso martini?
  5. Most important of all, just relax at your desk and enjoy a great cup of coffee!

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