EZ-Cup adapter for Keurig Brewers by ARM Industries

EZ-Cup adapter for Keurig Brewers Review 
The manufacturer ARM Industries offers their latest product - the EZ-Cup for Keurig brewers.  One of the reasons for using this device is to enjoy good coffee not available in K-Cup format. For this review I will use Fratello Panama Diamond Mountain Esmeralda whole bean coffee. This ARM Industries product is available for $12.95 here on ROASTe before shipping. 

EZ-Cup Specifications & Description 
The EZ-Cup Manufacturer lists these features and benefits and the following instructions: 

-Use any coffee in your Keurig Coffee Machines; 
-For use with EZ-Cup throw away filters; 
-Self-tamping spring extracts an improved cup of coffee or tea; 
-Simple to use and reuse! 

EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines uses any coffee in your Keurig Coffee Machines! A self-tamping spring extracts an improved cup of coffee or tea. The EZ Cup MUST be used with EZ Cup FILTERS (Sold separately). 
EZ-Cup is simple to use and reuse by following these steps: 

1. Place EZ-Cup paper filter in center of the EZ-Cup and wrap the edges around it; 
2. Fill coffee into the filter; 
3. Close the paper filter lid and wrap lid edges around the rim; 
4. Close the EZ-Cup lid, making sure it’s tightly closed; 
5. Insert in your Keurig machine as you would a K-Cup and brew. 

Making Coffee 
The instructions seem simple enough, and the device is not hard to use, but it did present one drawback when filling the paper filter cup. To get 9 – 10g of ground coffee into that small of a space requires a level of dexterity and precision I do not want to exercise at 6 AM. I grind my beans by the cup because I like the freshest cup of coffee possible – even more so if I am willing to go through the effort to load a cup. Below is a description of the process: 

1. Turn on Keurig Brewer 
2. Choose coffee and weigh out 9g of coffee beans 
3. Grind 9g of coffee beans 
4. Fill EZ-Cup filter with fresh ground coffee 
5. Pop in Keurig (goes in just like a K-Cup) and brew 

EZ-Cup Taste Results 
The EZ-Cup will brew a cup that is comparable in taste to a retail K-Cup.  The EZ-Cup's sweet spot with these beans is 9 - 10g of grounds to brew a flavorful cup with bright acidity and a clean taste.

How Not to Use This device

I packed 12g into the filter and holder in search of an extra bold cup, but the result is now inferior to the result I sampled at 9g of grounds. This is probably the drawback with tamping the coffee and compressing it continually while brewing. The coffee tastes over extracted and exhibits less brightness, slightly more body, and a new sour taste joins in the mix to spoil the party. The B40 Keurig machine takes almost a minute to force water through these grounds. I will not try this again since I do not want to harm my brewer's pump. Please note the instructions recommend to not overfill or tamp, so this was definitely an "off label" experiment.



If you are looking for a way to brew a nice, tasty, and fresh cup of coffee that is not available in a retail K-Cup, then the  E-Z Cup from ARM Industries will add this flexibility to yourcoffee brewing arsenal. You can purchase this product here on ROASTe: 


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