Espresso Vivace now available at!

It's taken nearly 6 months of negotiations and back-and-forth, and Espresso Vivace's world-famous Espressos are now available at

Espresso Vivace's owner David Schomer literally wrote the book on espresso.  Three books:  Espresso Coffee Professional Techniques, Caffe Latte Art, and Techniques of the Barista.

/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/vLogo.gif" alt="Espresso Vivace" title="Espresso Vivace" align="left" height="120" hspace="20" width="120" />Espresso Vivace is one of the Northwest's most reknown boutique roasters and cafes.  In the hyper-competitive coffee market in Seattle, David Schomer's espresso business stands out.

David pays deep attention to every detail. Espresso Vivace sells just two varieties:  Dolce and Vita (get the connection?)  They used to sell decaf but discontinued it presumably because it didn't contain the depth of flavor that Espresso Vivace desires.   David's coffee comes only whole bean, not ground.  When you receive a pound(as we did) it comes in 2 half-pound bags because, as Tara explains at Espresso Vivace, "we want it super fresh when you pull a shot."  The half-pound bags contain one-way valves to release gas from the fresh-roasted beans.   Espresso Vivace won't ship in flat-rate USPS envelopes because they jostle the beans.

A friend of ours purchased a high-end commercial espresso machine from Espresso Vivace a few years ago and according to his account, "Espresso Vivace said they wouldn't sell me the espresso maker unless I spent two full days training with them"

That's the kind of amazing attention to detail we love at!!

And how does Espresso Vivace's espresso taste?

To me, their Espresso Dolce had a mild richness with a taste of chocolate and slight molasses and caramel.  The Espresso Vita had less of an acidy tingle than the Espresso Dolce and with more of an earthiness and slight fruit that lingered longer.  Neither coffee has any bitterness, ashiness, or empty Brazilian-ness that is prevalent in espressos.   They're velvety.

You've got to try Espresso Vivace's coffees. And review them -- David really enjoys feedback from coffee drinkers.

Click here for Espresso Vivace's store.

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