Don's 100% Kona Gold - A Great Holiday Gift Idea

What would a coffee lover want to open most of all this holiday season?  How about one of the most sought after coffees in the world -  Kona coffee from Hawaii?  

Sounds great, but what if you could open a bag from the best of the best - Kona from Thunder Mountain's   Private Reserve? That is more like it if you want to send the coffee lover on your gift list too the moon with joy.  Thanks to ROASTe and True Beans Coffee Roasters, Don's 100% Kona Gold can make this dream come true.

Here is what the roaster says about this fine coffee:

"Sourced from Thunder Mountain Coffee Plantation, Our Kona Gold is from Thunder Mountain's Private Reserve, the cream of the crop and organically grown. A coffee connoisseurs delight. This coffee has been color sorted away from the yellow, brown, black and white beans which make the coffee either bland or sour. Taste the supreme organic Kona coffee flavor, which contains a more intense chocolate and nutty flavor than its conventional counterpart. Taste the Private Reserve."

So What is so special about Thunder Mountain Coffee Plantation coffee anyway?  How about this:

"Mountain Thunder has won so many awards and honors over the last 6 years that we now judge the most prestigious cupping contest in Kona. We are honored to direct "Gevalia's Kona Coffee Cultural Festival's Kona Coffee Cupping Contest". We have also won 14 awards from different areas of scrutiny such as chef's choice, people's choice, newspaper polls, and barista championships."

Sounds like these guys know what they are doing. Sounds like True Beans Coffee Roasters does too if they source great beans like these for us to enjoy.  ROASTe gets it too - great roasters choose great beans which makes featuring their coffee an easy choice.  Thanks to all these goo decisions, your special person will get great coffee because of your choice too - even if that special person is you!  Happy Holidays and enjoy giving or receiving (or both!) Don's 100% Kona Gold.

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