Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gift: Make an Automatic Coffeemaker

Need a DIY Christmas gift idea? Lots of folks think making your own gifts is much more meaningful than going to a store and buying something anyone can buy. Joseph Thibodeau wrote about a one-of-a-kind coffee maker that Christian Fingers posted on his website. Just think how warm and appreciative all your coffee-loving friends will feel if you build them their own automatic coffee machine unlike any others.

Of course, there is a reason Finger’s machine isn’t like any others in the world of coffee machines. Not only did he work on the prototype using Lego blocks, but he partially used recycled materials he had on hand for the finished product. While the newest coffee machines are sleek and come in various colors, Finger’s coffeemaker is clunky and has no shell to beautify it. Still, your friends might enjoy watching this incredible machine grind, measure and brew the beans, and then clean up after itself when done.

Thibodeau suggested that a handy person could add a roaster to this contraption to make the whole coffee preparation process doable with one machine on your kitchen counter. After all, if you can roast beans in a popcorn popper, surely you could work it in to the Finger design and make it your own. Talk about fresh coffee!

After further contemplation, it might just be better to send friends the video link rather than the finished machine. It doesn’t smell as good, of course. But most of us don’t have a Formica refrigerator panel from the 70’s, an old gear motor and other mechanical bits and pieces such as those Finger used. A detailed log of the design process is at:

It’s a fun read as it has been translated into English by Google Translate. Watch the video at . And remember, has many less complicated coffeemakers from which to choose – for those who still want to give one to a coffee-loving friend.

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