Discover great new coffee micro-roasters on ROASTe

You can enjoy the largest collection anywhere of coffee micro-roasters on  And a lot of our micro-roasters are unique finds.  They're well worth trying.  They're worlds apart from the bitter swill served at places like Starbucks and McDonalds.  Here's a brief sample.

Of course we carry megabrands like Illy and Lavazza.  But have you heard of Flat Black Coffee Roasters?  They are fantastic.  Every customer who has written us about  Flat Black loves what they've tasted.  Whether it's their Indian Monsoon or their Organic Ethiopian Harrar or their top-of-the-line Puerto Rico Hacienda San Pedro, they're incredible.

Coffee Micro-RoastersOr try Paradise Roasters, an amazing micro-roaster that has won national awards.  They've had more positive feedback than any other micro-roaster on   I've tried them all and found the Yemen Ameera and the Colombia Diamante Micro-Lot oustanding.

If you're an espresso fan, a great micro-roaster to try is Espresso Vivace.  Their owner-roaster David Schomer literally wrote the book about espresso that'ts the bible for American baristas.  He's a legend.  Try his Espresso Vita or Espresso Dolce and you'll find out why.  Customers say that his espresso is incredibly smooth.  Espresso Vivace is so meticulous that they ship your pound of coffee in 2 bags, each 1/2 pound!  They say it's to ensure that after you've opened one bag the other half will remain fresh.  Wow.  

Finally if you want to try a true small artisanal roaster, we've had terrific feedback about Chazzano Coffee.  The roaster Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo is self-taught.  He roasts every day, tastes all the batches, and relies on his experience rather than electronics to control how long he roasts each batch.  I especially liked his Costa Rica Tarraazu Santa Laura.

Enjoy ROASTe's amazing collection of coffee micro-roasters and share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you!

(Photo Courtesy Gunjan Karun on Flickr)

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