Dark Roasts

Over the past few weeks I have been making my way through a few bags of dark roasts between D'Arte's Natalazia, Velton's Twilight Blend and Mr Espresso Organic Neopolitan. I have been picking these because I have been getting coffees that I thought that other people would like and to be honest it has been a nice little departure from the typical medium and light roasts that I have grown use to. I have been happy that people the people coming in out of my home have liked these coffees.

I wanted to take a quick moment to highlight Velton's Twilight blend, while D'arte seems to be specialize in dark blends from what I have seen on their website and other remarks here on roaste. Velton's for the most part seems to have a lot more blends that are medium roasted and not something that he typically roasts dark. I am happy to say that this particular blend is probably the best dark roasted blend that I have had.

Twilight blend tastes just like the notes, chocolate, spice and a little bit of cherry. I have gone through this coffee probably faster than any other coffee that I have gotten on Roaste, some of it is due to have a lot of people but it's also because everyone is going back for seconds and thirds, even more!

To be honest I have only been making this coffee in the drip because well the Classic wouldn't be able to keep up with people. but also it just tastes so good as a drip.

One thing I am curious about is how much coffee do most people use as a drip? Typically I use one tablespoon per cup, where as the recommended does is 2 tablespoons. I find that when I make drip in this way it is too strong and the flavors become muddled together, the reason I brought this up is because I was using someone else's larger coffee pot and their gold fitler has markers inside of it so this morning I used way way too much coffee.

Anyway, I think I am going to go pour myself another cup and get back to enjoying Christmas and I hope you all due too.

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