Current Iced Coffee Recipe

Summer is here and if you are a coffee fiend like the rest of us you are probably drinking your coffee a little bit more often on ice lately.

I have talked about iced coffee in the past, and I know there have been others here that have done the same. I just wanted to share how I have been brewing my iced coffee recently as I have updated it a bit from what I was doing before. Now as with everything your tastes and results may vary.

Now my favorite way to brew iced coffee is just to do a pour over method over ice. Making a concentrated brew that is then diluted and cooled by the melting ice in the cup.

My previous recipe that I had been using was strictly about 50/50 ice and water. So for a 12 ounce cup where I would normally use 360 grams of water I would simply go half and half. This produced a nice cup, but I have always felt this never really got all of the flavors from the coffee that a traditional hot cup produces. I also noticed there was quite a bit of ice at the end of pour.

Now I was a little bored a while ago, and went ahead and measured the ice that was left in the cup after the pour over was done. I had about 50 grams left. I do like having ice left over, because it ensures that the drink is cold, but also was not getting the same amount of liquid as normal hot brew. So I have since increased my ice and water up to get a slightly more flavorful brew in my opinion.

As of now I am using 200 grams of ice to around 210 grams of water. I believe this is taking me slightly over 12 ounces of liquid, but I find with this combination I am getting better extraction, while still maintaining enough ice to keep my drink cold.

Anyway, there has been a lot of talk about iced coffee recently so your homework:

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