Cremina! not again...

 I have own a number of espresso machines but there are two machines that I'm really lust after and I imagine that is ttrue for most espresso enthusiasts as well: these are the Olympia Cremina and the La Marzocco GS3. I love to have the La Marzocco because of the high quality component and the state-of-the-art extraction technology. On the other hand, I lust afer after a Cremina because of the simplicity of design and the quality and precision components that goes into making the machine. And of course, it both machine are reputed to produce world class espresso!

A few month ago, I was scouring Ebay and came up on a cremina auction. The reason that was special is because the name of the machine was mispelled and as a result very few number of people actually bid on it. It was indeed a nice machine with not much use on it which is what I gather from the pictures as well as from the description. However, at that time, money was especially tight and I did not have enough dough to competitively bid on the machine; that machine ended at a very affordale price for an Ebay cremina!

Then a few weeks back, a member here on Roaste Samuellaw put his Cremina which was beautifully restored and come with many accessories for sale; I was much interested but again could not get enough money together in time to buy Sam's Cremina.

However, late last night, before going to sleep, I decided to take a look at my local craiglist listing to see if any espresso stuff goes up for sale and lo and behold, I could not believe my eyes, a really nice cremina was up for sale locally and for a really affordable $750 as well. I glanced at the post and it was post at noon in the same day. I know if I hesitate, I will lose this deal! I promptly fired several email to the guy selling the machine as well as trying to call his phone but he did not pick up! The very next morning, I call the guy and he said someone is seriously consider buying it and is giving him $800 for the machine! He said I would be the second one in line if the first person does not show up! 

Tonight, I called the guy again and asked about the Cremina. Guess what? It is sold! I know, I was stupid to not make a better deal with the guy, may be if I said $850 then he will take it. Oh well, I guess I just need to be more patient and keep my eyes peeled for the next one to pop up locally right? :-( 

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