Cold Espresso Shot - Pulled Perfection?

With so much seasonal coffee content related to cold brewing methods, I thought my questions about cold pulled espresso would be covered soon.  Alas, my wait continues and now I must take matters in to my own hands and discover the secrets on my own. 

Thanks for nothing, Internets.

Why cold pulling espresso? Think of the energy savings by not leaving that block of steel and hot water on for hours (or thirty minutes with a Gaggia – available for sale here at ROASTe).  I read about improving machine performance through temperature control with an expensive option called a PID and that is great - if you want hot espresso. A couple degrees one way or another doesn't matter when pulling the cold. Never bitter or sour tasting either, just a bit lighter and cooler.

Here is the FAQ:

How do I pull the cold shot? - Here you go - pack that PF, lock n' load, hit the power switch and let it rip. 

Awful? - Nope.

Tea like? - Not quite.

Warm? - Not a chance.

Way to get rid of some old temperature challenged beans way past their prime for regular 'spro?  - You bet.

Note that for my first attempt I am using a pressurized (yellow handle in photo) portafilter for this "Barista Special" experiment. Just look at that crema...   

/files/u2252/Cold_Pull.jpg" align="absmiddle" height="236" width="500" />

Surely this is some kind of a prank right? No, unfortunately it is real.  So real that I donated somefresh roasted Central American beans to science since these were already loaded in my hopper for standard brewing when I want to run up the power bill with some heat.

The name: Carbon Footprint Ninja

The recipe:

Dose: 16 grams

Temp: 74 F

Time: 24 seconds

Yield:  60 mL

Try it just to say you did and because you can. No pressurized portafilter this time - looks like it started to blond a bit... 

/files/u2252/Cold_Pull_El_Sal3.jpg" align="absbottom" height="207" width="500" />  

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