Coffee Time: The Stop-Motion Animation Movie

A few days ago, a commercial design graduate produced a stop-motion animation about coffee and coffee makers. The story about the video has been picked up by sites across the internet. Though it was artist Wan-tzu’s first attempt at the genre, the film is quite good and has captured the attention of all kinds of bloggers. It also makes a statement about coffee. Stop-motion animation is a movie-making technique in which the camera is alternatively stopped and started and the scene/object pictured is moved or changed. The smaller the steps in movement of the object, the smoother the action appears in the finished “movie”. Wan-tzu’s film depicts a fantastic – think fantasy – coffee brewing system. The machine is constructed of paper but coffee comes out of it in the end. There were 1846 photos used in the making of the film. The artist includes his favorite coffee elements. We’re left to guess what those are, but a cappuccino is selected from a push-button screen, and the final cup is even topped with a latte art heart. No doubt Wan-tzu was inspired by a love for espresso-milk drinks. He comments: “Every cup of coffee contains its own soul, extracted from your feeling today. Every cup of coffee is like a magic show containing different journey and bringing the unending imagination and surprises. With a sip of coffee, you not only taste your own story, but also change your perspective of the world.” There are some interesting ideas to contemplate in this statement. Watch the video and consider his words while drinking a cup of really great coffee. You can access the link to the video by clicking on the image. Enjoy!

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