Coffee Shop (Stand) Review - Jackson Square Café

I cannot wait to get back to San Francisco! It’s only a couple weeks away and I am just dying with anticipation. The restaurants, the sights, the bars, and yes the cafes. Saturday I’ll hit the Blue Bottle stand at the Ferry Terminal Farmers market, during the week I’ll get over to Ritual, Café Greco, Café Roma, and I expect that pretty much every morning I’ll be getting my demi-baguettes with nutella accompanies by giant latte’s (served in a soup bowl) from the Boulange. Excited is an understatement!

However, one of the places I think I miss most and am most excited to revisit is Jackson Square Café, which is very close to where I used to work so I used to be a regular. Ok, so it’s actually in an alleyway, but the alleyway is Jackson Place, and it’s beautiful! Gas lights, brick, glass windows looking into trendy modern offices. It isn’t really an alleyway (it is closed off to traffic, so they set up some tables) and right in a little opening in the alleyway (I guess you could even call it an inner courtyard) where Jackon Square Café is located, and where Giovanni holds court (I hope he’s still there!). This man kept me happy when I was miserable at work, his latte’s, pour over coffee’s, and amazing prosciutto/goat cheese Panini’s were the highlights of my workday. The “café” is actually a stand; it is a tiny place, and since most of the time he is working alone you can usually expect a long line during the “rush hours” of breakfast, lunch, and around three PM when people start to fade and need a pick-me-up.

They use Blue Bottle coffee, grind it fresh (of course) and I can’t remember what machine they used at the time but I’m pretty sure it was a la Marzocco. Since I’m a little more educated and experienced when it comes to coffee now as compared to when I was there before I’ll be able to come back and revisit this review after I go again. I sincerely hope that its every bit as good as I remember it.

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