Coffee Reviews - Will They Help You Buy Coffee Online?

When we buy coffee, we are often faced with too many choices that might lead to decision paralysis due to information overload. This is known as the Choice Paralysis. Searching for the word coffee in Amazon, under the Gourmet Food category, yields 13,894 Results! That’s what I call intimidating.

Peaberry Coffee - Photo courtesy of CoffeeDetective.comProfessional coffee reviews can certainly help. When considering for example Paradise’s Espresso Classico, the fact that it was rated 93 points by Coffee Review certainly helps us set the expectations right.

But are professional coffee reviews really enough? There are tens or evenhundreds of 90+ rated coffees in the marketplace and certainly they are all very good. Another great tool comes to our help. Consumer coffee reviews.

Certainly a coffee that was rated five stars is more likely to be good than one that rated three stars. Right? Well, yes, but not always. If you check Lavazza’s most popular product on Amazon you will see that it got 29 votes for five starts - impressive indeed. But it also got ten votes for one or two stars. So, will YOU like it? How will YOU have rated it? Two stars or five stars?

Malcolm Gladwell’s fascinating lecture about choice and happiness makes a clear case about personal preferences and taste. Simply put, there is no absolute (coffee) palate. Different people have different coffee preferences. So again how would YOU know?

Espresso Reviews

First we need to understand there are two main types of gourmet coffee drinks: espresso coffee and filter coffee (a.k.a. drip coffee). Let’s start with espresso.

The goal of an espresso blend is quite different from that of a drip or filter blend. Instead of blending for complexity, which might prove overwhelming using strong espresso extracts, the aim is to blend for balance. Occasionally, an espresso blend will also be used to highlight the specific, varietal quality of a particular bean.

When looking for espresso reviews, ask yourself what is the reviewer drinking. Pure espressos? Milk-based drinks? Each will have different desired attributes. For example, milk-based espresso drinks, such as lattes, tend to be darkly roasted with strong distinguished bitterness so they don’t get lost in the milk. Look for espresso reviews from customers like YOU.

Drip Coffee Reviews

Blending for filter-drip brewing aims to improve the complexity of the resulting cup by increasing the acidity, body, flavor and aroma. Hence it is important you use filter coffee reviews and not just any coffee reviews.

Last but not least, nothing beats real-world “test drives”. Leverage Coffee Kind's great coffee selection that allows you to try various coffees easily. This way you get the best coffee reviews possible, YOUR reviews.

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