Coffee on Kickstarter

So, something I like to do occasionally is browse Kickstarter for cool new ideas. Today I thought I might talk about a couple of the cool new ideas I saw today that apply to coffee.

First up is Proper Coffee Cold Drip ( by Bill Abbe.

This thing looks pretty spiffy (check out the video to see it in action) and I'm sure that it does a decent enough job making the coffee. The main issue to me is the $400 price tag for what you can essentially get through a more...mundane cold brew method. I don't know that putting it through drop by drop would actually improve the taste that much. In addition, I'm pretty sure this thing would last a week tops before my cat decided to knock it off the table trying to swat the little drops of water.

Next up is Buzz Roaster ( by Terry McCann.

This is a coffee roaster that attaches to a rotisserie on your gas grill. I've always kinda thought about roasting my own coffee, but never took the plunge. That said, I'd be more likely to try a smaller, cheaper option. This seems like a nice deal for someone who owns a coffee shop, but I don't think I would be able to take advantage of the large batch size. Also, for ~$200.00 that's not too bad for a commercial operation (assuming you can get access to the beans fairly easy).

Finally (as a bonus) I noticed this: Viva Java, the Coffee Game ( by by Dice Hate Me Games.

This one has already met it's goal several times over, but as both a fan of board games and coffee I'm intrigued. After watching the video it seems like although it doesn't have a huge deal to do with coffee itself (mostly just coffee themed) it seems like the game itself would be a lot of fun to play.

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