Coffee in video games

I play an online video game called Lord of the Rings Online. (I love this game!). What I find funny is that you can grow coffee in the game, process the beans and create something called "Second Breakfast Blend" coffee. You get a mild in game benefit - it makes you run faster! (5% faster or if you can make the superior blend you can run 10% faster). I love that I can give my characters a caffeine buzz then send them out on their quests. The screen captures below show one of my characters (one who can brew the coffee beans into the coffee). Now to open a Middle Earth coffee shop........ To grow coffee or brew it in game the profession level has to be at the highest level (at least at this point before the upgrade it is the highest level). 

You need a "bag of coffee beans" (produced by a character with farming as one of their professions or bought on the in game auction house)



With the beans you can make either this (A cup of Second Breakfast Blend Coffee which makes you run 5% faster):


or the "Superior" version (A cup of Superior Second Breakfast Blend Coffee which makes you run 10% faster):


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