Coffee Grinders Pt. 3: A Visual Guide to Grind Size

  Continuing this week's Coffee Grinder Series, we've discussed the "whys" of buying a coffee grinder and the "whats" of searching for one. Today, we show you what to set your grinder to.   There is no standard measurement for setting coffee grind size at home. Short of using a ruler and hoping you have the right size, we thought a visual guide, compared to the thickness of a penny, would help you out.   In determining grind size, you want to recognize the signs of how it affects the taste of your coffee. If you're able to, brew the same coffee three times and taste them side by side. One cup should have the normal grind, one with a little finer grind, and a third with a little coarser grind. If you keep all the other variables, like water temperature and coffee amount the same, then you should be able to taste the different and adjust your grind to your preferred taste. When your grind is too coarse, your coffee ends up tasting watery. When your grind is too fine, your coffee tastes muddy & dirty, which is especially noticeable in methods like espresso, Aeropress, and the French Press.   Part 4 in the coffee grinder series will help you troubleshoot your coffee via grinder.   Coffee Grind Size Chart   Follow Coffee Kind's board Coffee Infographics on Pinterest.  

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